The New Age of Automobility: Google To Open Self-Driving Car Unit Center in Michigan

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Google Alphabet announced this week that it plans to open an Engineering Center in Michigan to mass produce its self-driving car and by doing so may contribute to the revitalization of  Detroit as the U.S. automobility car center.It will be the first time the Google self-driving cars division has worked directly with an automaker giant in its right to build self-driving vehicles.

The new engineering center will be located the small town of Novi, Michigan with according to the latest census; a population of47,386 will house engineers and others testing vehicles provided by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, a statement by Google parent Alphabet said.

Google said on its blog:

For the past few years, members of our team have been working from the Greater Detroit area. Now it’s time to lay down roots: we’re establishing a self-driving technology development center in Novi, MI.

Many of our current partners are based here, so having a local facility will help us collaborate more easily and access Michigan’s top talent in vehicle development and engineering. At this 53,000 sq ft development center, our engineers, working with local partners, will further develop and refine self-driving technology. One of the first tasks will be to ready our self-driving Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivans.

We’ll begin moving in throughout 2016, but as you can see, there’s some work to do before it feels like home!

Google has reported that it will hire locally but has not divulged the number of new employees needed at its 53,000-square-foot Novi, Mich., facility. To further develop its technology, the Silicon Valley-based Google will require the Detroit-area long-standing talent in engineering and automotive development and resources.

“One of the first tasks will be to ready our self-driving Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivans. We’ll begin moving in throughout 2016.” the statement posted on Google+ said. “Now it’s time to lay down roots.”

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