Top Crowdfunding Campaigns for October 2018: Smart Sex Toys & Smart Sex Seminars

This month's crowdfunding picks is a smart sex toy for women, an oral sex AI simulator for men and an educational sex seminar for young women.

State of the Art Sex Products & Safe Dialogue on Sexual Matters

This month’s focus is all about sex, passion, and pleasure. The colder month cycle is when partners spend more time indoors, and intimacy often reaches heightened levels. We’ve found three crowdfunding campaigns via Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Gofundme that match the sensual tone of the changing seasons.Vibease

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign: Vibease Smart Lipstick 


Vibease has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to back the newest version of their smart vibrator called Vibease. The San Francisco-based company is attempting to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality for women seeking more frequent and intense orgasms. Company CEO, Dema Tio, shared his thoughts with the Scope Weekly in an exclusive interview touching on the inspiration behind its newest features. Tio believes that a fulfilling sex toy needs to be more than just vibrating material but must also emphasize the physiological and emotional elements needed to stimulate a deeper form of satisfaction. He mentioned “a request we often had was to create a toy you could command using only your voice, and that would feel almost ‘alive.’ That’s how the idea of The Smart Lipstick came about.”

Vibease is focused on the experience of masturbation with features specifically created to increase pleasure. This discreet toy is designed to look like lipstick and comes with an app packed with erotica audiobooks and digital sexual scenarios. It also has a built-in partner operating similar to ‘Alexa’ that users can share their most intimate thoughts with. Lastly, video chatting while enabling their partners to remotely control the lipstick aims to help with long-distance relationships. So far, their crowdfunding campaign has raised $8,749 of its $25,000 goal with 41 days to go. Tio told the Scope Weekly they are looking into adding a female voice for future versions while perfecting the lifelike experience users seek most.

 We believe the ‘human emotion’ will always be something women around the world will look for in their daily life experiences.

-Vibease CEO Dema Tio


Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign: Autoblow AI

Chicago-based organization, Autoblow AI, is a debut sex toy designed to provide males with the most sophisticated blowjobs using artificial intelligence. They’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo to bring their newest version to the market. They collaborated with robotic engineers and AI technicians to create the four factors necessary for maximum pleasure: friction, lubrication, grip and velocity. The Autoblow’s computer learning has ten different oral sex modes for users to mix and match. This ranges from full strokes, slow and fast combos, top and bottom strokes to what is referred as ‘masterstrokes’ which combines different options and speeds. The 10th mode is somewhat of a wildcard that is a different experience each time you select it putting its AI abilities to the test. They’ve raised $68,913 of their $50,000 goal with a month remaining in the campaign.

Gofundme Crowdfunding Campaign: Girls & Sex

A team of therapists and sex counselors from the San Francisco Bay Area hopes to provide quality guidance and support for women seeking closure on sex-related issues. Due to the growing influence of social media and technology, they plan to help young women better understand sex along with their role in it through honest dialogue from trusted parties. This is an event for high school and college students which will discuss pressing issues such as: consent, pornography, social media and sexting along with intoxication and sexual experiences. This is a healthy and reliable method for younger women to gain insight on matters they may usually find uncomfortable to discuss. The campaign raised $1,505 of its $5,000 goal and held the seminar at the First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley earlier this year. Hopefully, the team will hold similar events in the future because sex talk for younger women is precious and should be a priority in contemporary times.

Do you know of anyone or even yourself that may benefit from these campaigns? Drop a note and share your thoughts with us because we’d love to know. We hope that you’ve enjoyed this month’s picks and make sure to check out September’s top crowdfunding campaigns if you missed it.


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