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Infographic: The World in Data Breaches

Data security is a major concerns for enterprise and individuals. The increasing sophistication of cyber attacks coupled with the overall lack of cybersecurity has led to the loss of data records on a global scale. Read More

Uber’s Data Breach Results in Resignation of Company CSO

This week, Uber was discovered paying off hackers who breached the personal data of over 50 million users worldwide and nearly 7 million drivers in the U.S (including sensitive data from over 600k American drivers). The discovery of the breach resulted in the removal of two employees responsible for the cover-up including the company’s Chief Read More

Facebook Under Fire for Asking Banks to Share Financial Data

Facebook is in the spotlight yet again for reports relating to the social media giant asking major U.S. banks to share customers’ financial data Read More

Insights Network Releases EOS Blockchain-Based Secure Data Exchange App

The new blockchain-based INSTAR Wallet from Insights Network allows users to securely control their personal data and insights.

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GDPR Coming into Effect May 25th: Its Impact on US Businesses

Scope Weekly spoke with Pagely’s CEO about the GDPR’s significance in an overwhelmingly data-driven age
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As Privacy and Cybersecurity Worsen, Tech Offers Innovative Solutions

Security in 2018: Rage Against the Machine National security is of major importance as Americans face growing cases of digital terrorists along with policymakers threatening the well-being of ensuring our personal lives stay personal. Congress has not adequately dealt with prevailing issues such as the Byzantine data breach rules, encryption risks, presidential election security and Read More

iPhone Crashing Today? There’s an Update for That!

Since December 2, iPhone users worldwide have noticed their phones crashing for no apparent reasons. Apple has rapidly handled the problem and already issued an update to fix the bug, which, Apple says was caused by an App Store app installed that sends local notifications, once you hit December 2, 2017, local time. iOS 11.2 Read More


Editor’s Picks: 3 Tech Bits News: Uber, Galaxy S9, OnePlus 5T

Early Samsung Galaxy S9 leaks reveal iPhone copycat both in functions and marketing strategy. Early reports revealed that the Galaxy S9 is set to be revealed at the upcoming January CES, hot on its successful release of the Galaxy S8. Next year flagship, the S9 is already in production and from what we could tell, Read More

Co-Founder of Ethereum Platform, Viant, Discuss Worldwide Adoption of ‘Smart Contracts’

Viant, an Ethereum-based platform backed by NY-native ConsenSys is planning to change traditional supply-chain processes by incorporating blockchain technology and smart contracts. These smart contracts, designed to simplify, authorize and administer protocols better than conventional contract law, received worldwide attention through Ethereum’s use of the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). Now Viant is publicly sharing their plans along Read More

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