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Successful Women Mentoring the Younger Generation

Women In Power Series: The Scope Weekly had a talk with Vanessa Yanez, World Wide Head of Print Communications at HP about the importance of mentoring in the workforce. Read More

Business acumen: Ten Behaviors to Develop to Become a Better Business Leader

Women In Power Series: Vanessa Yanez, World Wide Head of Print Communications at HP, shares valuable insights on business leadership. Read More

It’s 2020. Embrace the Power of Inclusion

People it’s 2020! Are you looking ahead and embracing best practices or stuck in old corporate style? Does your company culture embrace the power of inclusion? Read More

Enough Talks About Work and Life Balance. Here’s How to do It.

My Tips to Using Technology to Create Work-Life Integration
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How the correct use of data could end discrimination

Making Data Work for Women in Business Read More

The Benefits and changes of Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity without a common language is not enough. Communication has to be taught and learned. Read More

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Encouraging Creativity in Your Team: Three Do’s and Don’t

Promoting creativity in a corporate environment is good for business but far from obvious. Here are do’s and don’t to spark your creative mind. Read More


All Aboard with California Law that Requires All Companies to Include One Female Board Director

Could 2019 Be the Year That Shattered the Proverbial Glass Ceiling?
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