Wanted Journalism Interns

If you are not a journalist but want to become a Contributor, please read the guidelines here.

Are you a recent college graduate ready to launch her/his career in journalism but lacking real work experience and a presentable portfolio? Perhaps, you are just missing a few college credits and need to do an internship to graduate?  The Scope Weekly has a few openings for an unpaid internship and for blogger contributors. As a rapidly growing news outlets under the guidance of a publisher/Editor-in-chief with decades of experience, we offer a nurturing environment where your creativity, authorship and research skills will flourish. We will give you the opportunity to build your reputation and grow your career.

Every intern and blogger will report to a senior editor and be assigned a journalist mentor who will be available to provide advice and guidance. Internships last for 10 weeks. Internships are available immediately.

Here are the skills we are looking for:


Must be able to connect with the companies featured and contact their press room to obtain original quotes and comments. Present yourself as a Scope Weekly journalist.

Responsible for creating unique content, developing story ideas and posting them on your page. (The Editor will also make suggestions)

Updating blog at agreed upon scheduled times (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). We are very flexible.

Develop new strategies that pull in new readers & supporters.

Challenged with the task of writing pieces that intrigue readers, making them want to keep coming back and reading his new posts each day.


News categories include:


Native English speakers

Online portfolio

Must have excellent writing & research skills

Must be able to turn in one article a week (500 words and more) for at least three months

Must be able to complete tasks  right on schedule and respecting deadlines

Dedicated to authoring articles, posting content & following up on leads

Must have considerable organizational & communication skills

Significant knowledge of social media (Facebook, Tumblr,  Blogger, Twitter, Instagram)

Excellent at working at a fast pace


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